Wonderfully, Distinguished, Virtuous & Attractive

Wondiva Global Community is a Community that started on a Common
Social Media Platform known as Whatsapp on the 10th
of January 2016 with less than twenty (20) Ladies at the beginning.
This community is beyond the walls of Whatsapp, it’s a real Life community. 

It was founded by God through His Vessel Nkechi R. Chiazor. She received this calling from her maker (God) to help ladies see themselves the way God sees them and pattern their lives according to his pattern.


Wonderfully, Distinguished, Virtuous & Attractive

VISION: To lead, teach and train women and girls to become Wonderfully Distinguished Virtuous and Attractive.

MISSION: To help Women see themselves as God really sees them and patterns their lives according to his pattern.


1.To help women be inspired by the good works of other godly and valuable women.
2.To get women to live a  holy, decent and moral life by helping them understand their purpose; their worth and their place in God.
3.To make a living manifestation of God’s fruits of the spirit in the lives of women by teaching them deeply about character and virtues.
4.To win lost women for Christ and help them drop little habits that they have accepted as norm e.g indecent dressing, immorality etc So that they can enter the kingdom of God
5.To raise up beauty-full women who would become God’s generals in their various fields.
6.To help women learn and practice balance in this demanding world.
7.To help women discover their true worth and potentials, full esteem and value in God by encouraging them through God’s words; Counselling and making them useful by empowering and placing them in various workfields
8.To help rehabilitate women who have been deeply hurt and abused through everything we do on this platform
9.To help women to live a complete and total life in Jesus.
10.To help women remember always that they’re forever unique and wonderfully distinguished and that we are in a completion race!


Monday – Centrals Discussion on different specific topics.

Tuesday – General Trendy Tuesday in the general community/group.

Wednesday – Questions and Answers specifically in the Centrals.

Thursday – General Fellowship and LIFESPRING in the general community/group called Power Room.

Friday – Experience Fridays in the general community/group.

Saturday and Sunday -“How to and Etiquette Tips” in the general community/group.

***Saturdays/Sundays (One of these days as decided by the Centrals) are for *GIST DAYS*  where you talk about what’s been happening regarding your Mum Life, Single Life, Student Life, where you just gist about what’s happening with you in the. Centrals.

Special Days

First Fridays – The Blaze Stir – Prayer and Worship Meetings (Power Room/main community/group)

First Mondays – Character Sketch-Bible Study (Power Room/Main community/group)

First Thursdays – (The Thursday just before Blaze Stir) – General Questions and Answers Session that you may have for Nkechi.

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