Subject – HOW to start living life from a place of DESIGN We have laid some foundation on why your design is important to you and to the world and given examples of how God sent people to earth with their specific designs. Today we are going to be examining “HOW” you can start living […]

  So what does it look like to actually live life according to God’s design for you? “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5 We quote the popular Bible scripture in Jeremiah […]


What is a DESIGN? In order to be supernaturally sound, to see, to serve and to soar, you have got to know what you are even serving and to determine what you are serving, you have to walk in accordance with your design. So before we even determine what your design is, let’s even begin […]

Is Calling Someone “Weird” an Insult?

Language is a versatile tool for communication, allowing us to express a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and judgments. In our interactions, we often use descriptive words and labels to categorize or characterize people, behaviors, or situations. One such label that frequently arises is “weird.” However, whether calling someone “weird” constitutes an insult is a […]

Is Calling Someone a “Goat” an Insult?

Language is a dynamic and ever-evolving means of communication. It often includes a rich tapestry of words, phrases, and idioms that can convey a wide range of emotions, intentions, and messages. Sometimes, words or terms that might seem straightforward can take on nuanced meanings depending on context and intent. One such term that has gained […]

Is Calling Someone “Immature” an Insult?

Language is a powerful tool that allows us to express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. However, the way we use language can have a significant impact on our interactions with others. One term that is occasionally used in various situations is “immature.” But is calling someone “immature” an insult? In this article, we will explore […]

 Is Calling Someone “Darling” Flirting? Decoding Affectionate Language

Language is a versatile tool, allowing us to communicate a wide array of emotions, intentions, and sentiments. Terms of endearment, such as “darling,” are often used to express affection, warmth, and familiarity in interactions. However, interpreting these expressions can be nuanced, leading to questions about whether calling someone “darling” constitutes flirting. In this article, we […]

Is Calling Someone “Dear” Flirting?

Communication is a multifaceted aspect of human interaction, encompassing various forms and styles. Terms of endearment are one such facet and can add warmth and familiarity to conversations. However, interpreting these expressions can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to determining whether calling someone “dear” is flirting or not. In this article, we’ll explore […]

Is Calling Someone “Sweetheart” Offensive?

Language is a powerful tool that can convey a wide range of emotions, intentions, and meanings. Terms of endearment, such as “sweetheart,” are often used to express affection, warmth, and friendliness. However, the appropriateness and potential offensiveness of such terms depend greatly on the context, the relationship between the individuals involved, and the intent behind […]

“He Calls Me Sweetheart”: What Should I Call Him?

When someone calls you “sweetheart,” it can be a heartwarming and affectionate term that signifies a special bond between the two of you. In return, you may wonder what you should call him to reciprocate the affection and establish your own unique connection. Choosing a term or nickname that reflects your feelings and the dynamics […]

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