WONDIVA BUSINESS HUB is a Hub for buyers and sellers alike. We bridge the gap between sellers and lovers of affordable yet quality products and services. WBH is for advertising a Brand| Business/ Product / Books. Anything outside this focus is prohibited from this hub. Our main focus is brands boost, Financial Enlargement and Empowerment. If we are financially empowered and enabled as women, we would be able to support our spouse, family and ultimately our Nation.

FOUNDING STORY: As WONDIVA community started to grow, a lot of women from diverse skills began to flow in and join us. We had professionals, business women, students who are into business and wanted to share with their fellow sisters what they were selling. More importantly, there were ladies in the community who needed the service of another but didn’t know that a sister in the community was offering it. We tried to work out a Business E-Catalogue, somehow it didn’t work, then the idea and instruction came to Our Founder late 2017 and this is how we began.

OUR MISSION: The Mission of WONDIVA Business Hub (WBH) is to help women get products from other credible women, at affordable prices while helping to grow the finances of the women they patronize. WBH is a Hub to build and boost the works of our hands and to put it out there to the thousands of people that will patronize our services.


WSS is a platform that aims at building whole women in the aspect of life skills, relevant for life and living. WONDIVA skill school was initiated out of a desire to help ladies learn skills that will equip them for the future. As women that will be relevant to the today’s world, we need to have skills that will be relevant to the world.

VISION: Helping Ladies see themselves the way God sees them by building the esteem, capacity and potentials of women who would become Value adding Technocrats who will become Masters in all kinds of Crafts making them indispensable and relevant to the society and transformers of their environment by their Life and Life Skills.

OUR IDENTITY: We Train Minds to Transform Nations. We are at the core as an institution dedicated to tapping the latent potential in individuals and forming the innate abilities within people to help then find their authority and spheres of gifting, thereby making them leaders and change agents in their world. We imagine and create learning solutions and vocational schemes that inspire ingenuity and spark a passion in individuals and organizations. We create Practical environments that give opportunities to people to learn to succeed. We build women to build and we succeed only when our people succeed.

WONDIVA’s Recent EXPANSION In year 2019, WONDIVA felt the need to create more sub-groups to cater to specific needs of ladies. We tagged it ‘THE CENTRALS’.   At the moment we have Five (5) centrals;

— THE STUDENT CENTRAL: The Student Central group is committed to high standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. Building up young, focused and result oriented ladies to know God, to make him known and to excel in all areas of life,especially in their Academics. It is made up of mostly University Students.

— THE SINGLES CENTRAL The Singles Central group aims at applying tangible solutions to challenges and life as a single woman. We focus on Singlehood, Love, Dating, Preparation for Marriage and Navigating life  purposefully as a Woman who have chosen to be Unmarried.

— THE WIVES AND MUMS CENTRAL The Wives and Mums Central is aimed at bringing wives and mums together, encouraging one another and looking at possible ways in which we can fulfil our God given ministry as great wives/help meets to our spouses. It is also aimed at maximizing the gift of motherhood and create a good and long lasting legacy for our offspring.

— THE BUSINESS AND CAREER CENTRAL The Business and Career Central aims at engineering the seed of greatness by infusing Excellence and Distinction in our Various Work Place and In our Businesses and Enterprise.


— THE TRENDY WOMAN- The Trendy Woman is an online programm that is aimed at helping to renew minds and transform lives by the foundational and original truths of every topic being discussed. The Trendy Woman is not another ‘information’ conference but it is that transformational conference, an encounter worth yearning and longing for that would bring answers to real life questions and fill the gaps. We cover Topics like Purpose, Finance, Business, Marriage, Parenting, Love, Self Discovery and Soul Healing. » The Trendy Woman expanded to the Trendy Woman Week in 2019 where we have Our Business and Sales week and our Skill Acquisition discount Week. Beyond the Trainings we have created a Week from this programme to help showcase some of the finest things our women have done and to help encourage more women to step out to the possibility of their Truth Potential.

— LADIES INTIMATE TALK TIME (LITT)- LITT is an offline, onsite programme aimed at bringing ladies together to discuss about everything that pertains to life, share burdens, pray, have fun, get refreshed from the world’s stress through power filled worship and fellowship and get answers and clarify to life’s secret questions.

— AT THE MASTER’S FEET- this is an online and soon to be Offline bible study. A time of just soaking and growing in God’s word, worshipping, praying and seeking answers to questions that burden hearts

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