What is a DESIGN?

In order to be supernaturally sound, to see, to serve and to soar, you have got to know what you are even serving and to determine what you are serving, you have to walk in accordance with your design.

So before we even determine what your design is, let’s even begin by asking, what is a design?

Since this is a conversation that will be on-going through the year.

  1.  an underlying scheme that governs functioning, developing, or unfolding :
  1. a plan or protocol for carrying out or accomplishing something (such as a scientific experiment.
  2. the arrangement of elements or details in a product or work of art.
  3. A preliminary sketch or outline showing the main features of something to be executed

According to the Mariam-Webster Dictionary, these are some of what the concept of a design speaks to.

Here is a picture of what an architectural design is made;


In architecture, designs are very important as it serves as a solid foundation to help build a building purposefully.

Infact, the design determines the purpose of a building.

If an architectural design has been created for a stadium, the tools and structures for a stadium is what is going to start being laid out.

The building is going to start being built based on the design and the expected outcome is that, the designed and built stadium building that has been constructed will be used for the purposes of sports and sportlike activities and not anything else.

But what happens when people start turning a place that has been built into a stadium for things like market fairs, street parties, restaurants, etc…

You would say, oh, it possibly can also be used for those things too, right, can’t it?

The question is, yes it can.

But is that the primary reason why the stadium was created? Was it created for parties or was it created for sports? The objective unemotional answer is, it was created for sports and if the stadium starts concentrating on sporting activities, it will discover several variant of sporting activity and create even new sporting activity, advancing in the exact design it was created for.

It is the same for you.

God has created you according to a particular design for his specific purposes.

Even though we have a collective mission as kingdom women, the “how-to” is always different. God needs us in different spheres of the world, living in accordance with his design, so that his mission can be accomplished, quickly. When we leave our design cut-out and we start trying to live out according to what you are seeing someone else do, you delay the fulfillment of God’s mission through your selfishness, immaturity and lack of understanding.

(To be continued)

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Written by
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