“He Calls Me Sweetheart”: What Should I Call Him?

"He Calls Me Sweetheart": What Should I Call Him?

When someone calls you “sweetheart,” it can be a heartwarming and affectionate term that signifies a special bond between the two of you. In return, you may wonder what you should call him to reciprocate the affection and establish your own unique connection. Choosing a term or nickname that reflects your feelings and the dynamics of your relationship can enhance the intimacy and warmth you share. In this article, we’ll explore some options for what you can call him in response to being called “sweetheart.”

1. “Honey”

“Honey” is a classic and endearing term of endearment that conveys sweetness and affection. It’s a popular choice for expressing fondness and closeness in a relationship. Much like “sweetheart,” “honey” implies warmth and care. It’s a charming way to reciprocate the affection he shows you.

2. “Love”

“Love” is a powerful term that signifies deep affection and emotional connection. Calling him “love” can express the love and bond you share in a more direct way. It’s a word that resonates with many couples and can be a beautiful way to communicate your feelings.

3. “Babe” or “Baby”

“Babe” or “baby” are playful and affectionate terms often used in romantic relationships. They convey a sense of intimacy and are a way of saying that he holds a special place in your heart. These nicknames can create a sense of closeness and tenderness between you two.

4. “Darling”

“Darling” is a classic and timeless term that carries a sense of admiration and endearment. It can be a sophisticated way to express your affection and admiration for him. “Darling” implies that he is special and cherished.

5. A Personal Nickname

Creating a unique, personal nickname that reflects an inside joke, a shared interest, or a special moment you both cherish can be a meaningful way to express your affection. Personal nicknames often carry a deeper connection and can be a fun and intimate part of your relationship.

6. His Name or Initials

Using his name or initials can also be a simple yet affectionate way to refer to him. It shows that you recognize and appreciate his identity, and it can create a sense of personal connection.

7. “Sweetie”

“Sweetie” is another sweet and affectionate term that complements “sweetheart.” It conveys warmth, care, and a special connection. It’s a simple yet heartfelt way to express your feelings.

8. “My Everything”

If he truly means the world to you, consider calling him “my everything.” This term expresses the depth of your emotions and the significant role he plays in your life.


When he calls you “sweetheart,” it’s a lovely indication of his affection and fondness for you. In response, you have a variety of options to choose from when finding the right term or nickname to call him. Ultimately, the most important thing is to select a term that feels authentic to your relationship and conveys the depth of your emotions. Whether you choose a classic term like “honey” or something unique and personal, the key is to express your feelings sincerely and create a bond that reflects the special connection you share.

“He Calls Me Sweetheart”: What Should I Call Him?

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