3 Things To Know Before Starting A Relationship

You must be very excited about starting a new relationship.

It’s good to be happy but it takes wisdom to keep the relationship.

Here are a few tips to know before you say yes to that guy.

1. Discover and build yourself: You need to discover yourself first before you start discovering your partner,

you must know your strength, your weaknesses, your gifts, your abilities first.

Also build yourself, you don’t have to wait till marriage before you start building yourself.

Start now, work on your character, be financially stable. You can’t choose to be a liability to your partner.

2. Build on the word of God: As a Christian if you choose to follow the word,

a lot of things won’t be hard for you in marriage. There is a way you will walk with God that

if he instructs you to do anything it won’t be hard for you. You must learn to be slow to speak,

you must have self control, marriage isn’t going to change anyone instead it amplifies things.

3. Get counsel: Counselling cannot be over emphasized,

you can’t claim to know it all. It’s better to seek counselling.

Written By:

Joy Babatayo

3 Things To Know Before Starting A Relationship

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