How to spice up a relationship

Relationship is a part of life. No man is an island therefore we need one. In other to maintain relationships, we need to spice it up. Today, we will be talking about how to spice up a relationship. 1. Frankness Real fellowship, whether in a marriage, a friendship, or your church, depends on frankness. Infact, […]

10 Ways to Build Quality Friendships

In todays post, we will talk about ways to build quality friendships. Quality friendships are important in life. We need to build quality friendships as no man is an island and can survive the world without trusted people at his sides that raise him up when he falls or people to support his dreams and […]

10 ways to know if a guy is serious about you (Part 2)

In a relationship you can only know yourself, your partner may choose to pretend this is why you can’t decide to rely on your human reasoning. You must choose to depend on the holy spirit to lead and direct you.  An unserious person is not looking for a serious relationship even when he claims to, […]

3 Things To Know Before Starting A Relationship

You must be very excited about starting a new relationship. It’s good to be happy but it takes wisdom to keep the relationship. Here are a few tips to know before you say yes to that guy. 1. Discover and build yourself: You need to discover yourself first before you start discovering your partner, you […]

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