4 Places to Get Free WiFi in Lagos

5 Places to Get Free WiFI in Lagos

1. Parks

Some parks in Lagos provide free wifi services for you when you visit.

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2. Restaurants

Having a quick snack while browsing over your smart devices is the most divine thing ever!

Next time you visit a restaurant look for signs of “wifi available” or better still just ask the security guard if they have wifi available.

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3. Hotels and Lounges

When you next go to a hotel to chill for a mini vacation or personal retreat, be sure to take advantage of some free Wi-Fi. Who doesn’t like free things? no one. Lol

4. Churches

Yes! I have particularly experienced this one. Of course, asking “Excuse me, please do you have free wifi available in this church?” will be quite embarrassing. However, you can turn on your wifi and if it’s free you will be connected instantly but I must warn you that not all churches have their wifi free.

Written by Jessica Maria


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4 Places to Get Free WiFi in Lagos

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