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HOW to start living life from a place of DESIGN

We have laid some foundation on why your design is important to you and to the world and given examples of how God sent people to earth with their specific designs.

Today we are going to be examining “HOW” you can start living out your design.

See (Part 1 and 2


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Let’s dive right in.

  1. Get to know God and His purpose for even creating the world.-


You have to understand that life doesn’t revolve around you and everything in the world is not always you-centric, while there are affirmations out there that seem to make it look like, the world is “we-centric” you have got to rewire your brain to understand that the world is “GOD-CENTRIC”. You exist, i exist, because God wanted us to exist for his good pleasures, not because “we just are” Understanding this will help you put things in perspective and help you understand that everything you are and will ever be is because God wills it to be, this will also teach you the art of leaning totally on God as you journey here on earth, because without Him you cannot truly make it, remembering that we came from Him and we are going back to give account to Him.

  1. Get to know YOU – We have addressed this and treated this in multiple ways in WONDIVA, so we would be dwelling so much here, please visit our (book store – attach selar link) to get materials that will help you with this.


The most important way you need to journey along on the journey to getting to know you is by learning how others got to know themselves, from God’s word and God’s History of His people through the Bible.

Now the Bible has many stories and examples well suited to help you see yourself the way God sees you through his direct words to you and through the stories of others. This point also involves learning from Teachers like SAGENEL and others that can help you interpret and distill the Bible into understandable bites that you can use along your journey, depending on your season.

Some of these guides have been broken down into self discovery frameworks, workbooks and guides and I will share one with you in the next episode.

Finding yourself doesn’t just stop at learning, it continues with the constant practice of what you perceive in your heart that you have been called to do.

For example, before David ever met Goliath, He was in the wilderness, practicing with the sheep and the animals he was tasked over to protect. He was practicing, playing and preparing with the tools, including sling stones and others in his hands, because he realized that this was all a part of his design, how he was built and after basic learning started practicing, until that preparation met an opportunity.

1 Samuel 17:34

It is the same way we are also to get on the journey of exploring and understanding our design.

  1. Get to know THEM – Guess who them is?

These are the people that God has sent you to. God didn’t send you to earth to “feel yourself” or be popular or to “live for self”.

God sent you to the earth to deliver a mission based on why he designed you and with what he has equipped you with. We all have different equippings and talents (Matthew 25) and to each, we have different expectations and end result capacity. After earth, we are going to give account on earth, this is our primary purpose. Of Course there are the perks that come with seeking God’s kingdom according to Matthew 6:33, but those are the bonuses, they are not what we live for. The problem is, people have forgotten this and have neglected the real reason for serving the people and have made it all about “self”.

The reason why it looks like there is a lot of execution going on in the world and almost little transformation is because, many are busy with the wrong target audience, or serving the right target audience in the wrong way (selfishly) or don’t even know that there is a target audience attached to their design and purpose in the first place, so they are zealous but wrongly zealous to the wrong focus.

Moses was designed and sent to deliver the Israelites, even when he was sent to another Country he was sent back to that same “target audience” no relocation plan could change God’s plan. Aaron was called to assist him, meaning if Aaron started His own Ministry, he would have been a failure in God’s eye, even if others applauded Him.

So many examples, Jesus, Paul sent to the gentiles etc.

Discovery your “WHO and WHERE” is critical in living a life of complete design here on earth and in the next episode you will get a guide on how to help you discover answers to the specific questions asked here.

Look out for it.

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