What is the difference between Self Discovery and Self Design?

Self Discovery is really about discovering all aspects of your life, not just your calling and your purpose.

It speaks to discovering your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, emotions, love language, work language, patterns, potentials, possibilities, talents, giftings and the full package called YOU.

Although self discovery has been restricted to mostly “finding purpose, calling, assignment” it is more than that.

It is an uncovering and unboxing of the FULL Package called YOU and it speaks to every single aspect of your life, including your health and fitness style and design.

Self Discovery helps you uncover the state of your health, what kind of food you should be eating and what kind of exercise plans work best for your kind of health.

Those who jump on everything everyone is doing, without measuring and checking if what they are jumping on aligns with their purpose and life architecture are those who haven’t discovered themselves.

Don’t get it twisted, self discovery doesn’t restrict you from trying new things, rather it even propels you to try new things, because self discovery is a continuous unboxing process.

Self Discovery is not a “final destination” it is a journey you will be on, until you leave earth. The deal about it is that, you should be able and interested in finding out a huge chunk of yourself, early enough so that it helps you make decisions and align rightly to the daily will of God according to how you have been built.

Self Design like we have been learning speaks more about understanding the FRAME and Structure of your Life for your specific calling and purpose.

Self Design focuses a lot more intently on “the specific mission you have been called to deliver here on earth”

It speaks more to the architectural plan of your life.

For Instance,

The Design of a Mop is for cleaning floors, the way a Mop Stick has been structured and designed, fits perfectly into the purpose of the mop stick, which has been ultimately built and created to clean floors and create a healthier world by keeping all floors clean.


Can a mop be used to sweep?


Even though it will be very difficult and hectic to pull through with, if you force it enough, a mop can actually be used to accomplish “sweeping”, although of course, don’t expect your floor to be super clean, as you are using the wrong material for the “right thing”.

Now I want you to picture and imagine a mop sweeping a floor, you can even try it at home, if you are feeling adventurous. I want you to see how, to an extent it might sweep your floor, but it will not sweep it thoroughly like a broom or like a vacuum cleaner, why wouldn’t it do the work perfectly, even though it can get the work done, shabbily?

It is simple, it is because it wasn’t built to sweep floors.

You can bend the purpose all you want and still get “an outcome” seemingly perfect or imperfect, but the truth still remains that, it wasn’t built for sweeping floors and using it for the wrong thing doesn’t just have the potential to destroy it quickly, but it also has the potential to frustrate you while you do it.

Now, I want you to apply this simple scenario to your life.

If you don’t find your Life Design, you cannot truly please God and execute His will accurately on earth as it is in heaven.

(Matthew 6:10)

With a lack of Self Design Discovery, you start to really sync into God’s original thoughts and design for your life before you were sent through your mother’s womb, you begin to understand better and deeper the concept of “The Customized YOU” and you begin to truly understand that you truly have no rival and competition, because you have no “duplicate”.

The reason why people run from pillar to post, comparing themselves and living in unfulfillment and depression is because they haven’t really grasped and captured what their Life and Self Design is, when you are able to even just get a glimpse of it, that automatically eliminates jealousy, envy of other people’s purposes, rather you get inspired and fired up by their life to truly and fully live yours.

One of the reasons why we have the concept of an Industry (a group of people in similar careers and callings) is because we have other people that God have also crafted with similar giftings and talents like you, but always with a Unique Customization for a Unique Outcome.

(Pay attention to the word Outcome)


The fact that there are many people in your “industry” doing what you are doing, doesn’t mean you are now irrelevant and insignificant.

You all can be called to similar Assignments and Purpose,

(Please note the word used, similar NOT same)

But the Outcomes that your Presence and Calling will have on people’s life will always be different, that’s the concept of the whole

 “Personal Branding Concept”.

When you look at the world of content creation in today’s world for instance, everybody is talking.

Every single person has something to say and to add, but what distinguishes one person from the other?

It is the outcome of how each person makes your “feel” and what each person “propels” you to do and become that helps you clearly see the clear-cut difference.

You are reading this article and teaching, because I am one of your teachers, there is a very high probability that I am not your only teacher.

But everytime you come in contact with my teachings, messages, quotes, writings, the feeling you get, the zeal that comes upon you and then the way you start to think, differently from how you thought just a few minutes ago is the “Outcome” that I have upon your life as a result of my Customized Calling to YOU and every other person that will be reading this.

Can you take a minute to pause and think about it?

Is it making more sense to you now?

The “so many people are already doing it syndrome”?

Do you see it from a different perspective and view now?

Don’t get frustrated with starting out or continuing in your industry, because of population and saturation.

Of course there are always the charlatans and the jokers in every industry, the ones who just jump in because that is what is “reigning” but they eventually always fall off.

So rather than focus on minding the crowd and everybody else “doing what you are doing” why don’t you focus on 

“How to Discover your Self and Life Design” so you can live in complete allignment with God’s will everyday in your Life?

Wouldn’t you like that?

To make that a reality for you, we have created this FREE and useful resources for you.


Use this Life Design Discovery Template here


There are 3 episodes you may have missed and even if you didn’t miss them, you will need to re-read them to be sure that you grab all the necessary steps in discovering and walking in your Life Design.

Find them here;

Design – WONDIVA



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What is the difference between Self Discovery and Self Design?

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