It was late in the night, Cecilia had just put her kids to bed. She was doing the laundry, separating the clothes from one another before dumping them into the washing machine. She was really exhausted. Her job has been demanding. And with a presentation coming up next week, she’s at her wit’s end.

As the Head, Product Branding of the advertising agency where she works, a lot is expected from her. She sighed deeply. “How did I arrive here?” She asked herself. She has always envisioned a great career and happy family. All that was shattered when she had to divorce her husband late last year. 

“Pray” the spirit urged her. She has been ignoring the voice for the past weeks because she didn’t feel the need to pray anymore. It’s been a long time since she had a personal time and family devotion has stopped since the day Jason cheated on her. 

Do you find yourself in the same situation? Just like Cecilia, you are asking yourself how did you get here too? 

The Proverb 31 Woman is our perfect model. So you’re wondering but this woman is married. I want you to remember that Isaiah 54:5 described God not only as our Maker but also our Husband. 

So whether divorced, separated or widowed, I want you to see God as your husband. Proverbs 31 makes her husband proud how much more God who is everything we could ever imagine. She was really a successful career woman. She not only managed her home properly but was excellent at her job likewise her relationship with others. Her son attested to that.

Proverbs 31 described that this woman as versatile in directing her affairs and she is not afraid of what may come her way because she prepared. Nothing got to her by surprise. To achieve this, why not start by seeing your job and home as something you will give account for. 

Just like the parable of the talent. God is entrusting into your hands your kids even your work and you will stand before him to recount what you did with them. The parable explained that the talent was given to them according to their ability. 

So God can’t give you what you can’t handle and you’re the best person for the job even as your reward starts here on earth. It is revealed in the life of your kids likewise at work place, community even church.

Here are some few tips that help us run a successful home and still be excellent at work as a single mom.

Set A Goal: 

What do you want to achieve today? What are my children’s needs, what are the necessary needs in the house? What dO I need to do around the house? Likewise make the same list for your job. What do you tend to achieve? How do I make it happen? Make a list of them and set them according to importance. Go over the list to check what has been and what is left to do.  

Wake Up Early:

This could mean rising up early in the morning and also planning your day ahead. Planning your day ahead can also mean making a list of what to do before going to bed the previous night. You can set an alarm or reminder to keep in track.

Delegate Duties:

Proverb 31 woman was known for giving portions to her maids. Due to the ranging stories of how maids treat their employer, you may be skeptical about having one. If you insist, finding a maid with reputable agencies or family members can help you. 

If you have older kids, they can watch after the younger kids. You can also start by giving them little house chores around the house, this also an advantage because you’re grooming them. 

Likewise at work, you can ask your colleagues or junior colleagues to help you out. Remember you must be nice and humble about it, you can compensate them also. You can also run errands for the family, you can use your lunch break or on your way home from work.


This is very paramount as a Christian. As much as your family and work needs you, God desire constant fellowship with him. By praying, you are able to draw strength to do that which you are supposed to do. 

By praying, he grants you wisdom in all situations. You can pray set your personal time to pray. You can do this very early in the morning before everyone wake up or night when everyone has gone to bed. You can do this during the day, find a perfect time at work. You can quiet pray while working too or during chores. 


There is a popular saying that says all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Take time to rejuvenate. You can do this by spending time with kids, friends, exercise, and eating healthy. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. 

Your kids need a healthy mother and you also need to be excellent at work. Take time to see how well you’ve done and areas you need to improve. If you’re longing for that true happiness you may never find it, so let your heart delight in what you do. Find joy around it.

Written By: 

Joy Babatayo


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