10 ways to know if a guy is serious about you (Part 2)

In a relationship you can only know yourself, your partner may choose to pretend this is why you can’t decide to rely on your human reasoning. You must choose to depend on the holy spirit to lead and direct you. 

An unserious person is not looking for a serious relationship even when he claims to, he only wants fun and leave you as soon as he is done.

Are you seeing some signs already, here are a few guides to recognising a joker:

Here are a few guides to knowing an unserious guy:

6. He doesn’t want to be accountable, he never wants anything binding on him, zero commitment. 

7. He hides you from the important people in his life. He never openly talks about you, his family and friends don’t know anything about you or he always introduces you as a friend or colleague. 

8. He relates with the opposite sex as a free that is still available. 

9. He never wants to have anything to do with your family.

10. He always asks and never gives. He is always about you helping him. 

A joker will only waste your time, emotions and commitment.

In a previous post we talked about how to know a guy is not serious about you. Check it out here.

10 ways to know if a guy is serious about you (Part 2)

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