How To Manage Burnouts As A Single Mum

Burnout is defined as the experience of long exhaustion caused by overwork or stress.

Having to juggle life, career, motherhood as a single mom isn’t easy, it is exhausting and

it’s not healthy for you and the kids.

Here are a few guides to controlling burnouts: 

1. Know what makes you stressed out:

You have to identify the things that easily stress you, it could be your career, lack of funds, bills,

societal pressures etc after identifying the cause of the stress, look for solutions.

You don’t have to come with answers to your stress in a day, you can take it one step at a time. 

2. Have a constant routine:

Having a schedule helps you getting unnecessarily tired or worked up. You don’t have to worry about what next to do.

Setup a plan and put reminders on your calendar, you can also write them down on sticky notes.

3. Get enough quality sleep:

You can’t choose not to sleep and not feel tired. Always give yourself time to rest properly. 

4. Delegate duties: You don’t have to be the one doing all the work, if your kids are matured

enough give them duties to do, that way you don’t feel worked up.

5. Plan ahead:

Always plan ahead be it what to wear or meals, always have a plan.

Which of these would you be trying out?

Written By:

Joy Babatayo 

How To Manage Burnouts As A Single Mum

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