How To Support A Busy Boyfriend?

He Texts Me When He's With His Family

Do you want to know how to support a busy boyfriend? You should read on.

If you have a busy boyfriend or partner you would have experienced scenarios like calling repeatedly without getting responses. And at times when you get responses the words are ‘ I am busy right now, I will call you later’ or ‘ I am in an important meeting, let’s talk later ‘ At times you get texts that tell you he is busy. And sometimes they do not just respond. You plan dates and it gets canceled at the last minute. The above scenarios represent what you face when you are dating or in a relationship with a busy man. 


Now get the facts right dating a busy man does not necessarily mean you should break up with the person or the relationship won’t work. Most life experiences I have witnessed show that busy men can get you the love, concern, pamper and care you expect.

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Facts about busy men are they do not express their feelings directly as you do, I know you might be worried seeing your boyfriend can’t express himself openly to you but there are things to look out for in him that tell you he truly loves you. He would seek to hear your views about particular issues, he won’t only hear your views but would also appreciate and respect them. He understands every one of your words and reactions even before you say them and he sees to it that you are satisfied.

He doesn’t take pride or ego, he is one who takes responsibility for things and apologizes first to make you feel better. He is one who always makes time for you, he chats with you even when busy, and he won’t sleep without wishing you a restful night or listening to your voice. He is the first person that stands by you in times of challenges, he is always available for you in your trying times. He stands up for you whether among his family or friends. He is always there for you.

How Do You Support A Busy Boyfriend?

Understand And Accept That You Are Not His Only Priority

You need to understand that his world doesn’t just revolve around you. He has other responsibilities like family, work, and you. He has to sort out issues in his home and take care of his parents, siblings, and other relatives. He has to work on projects, and proposals, and meet deadlines at work. And if it is a personal business he has to work hard to make it grow. And then he has you, he has to pay attention, listen, care, and protect you. So when next you feel bad about his usual busy schedules learn to understand, accept and help him manage his priority.

Have Patience

Learn to exercise extreme patience with him. Give him the time and space he needs to be comfortable around you to enable him to share his high and low moments with you. Listen to his plans and be of help in any way possible you can.

You don’t have to wait for him to tell you everything first, you can start by being comfortable and sharing meaningful things with him. That way you are teaching him to be free and express himself too.


Give Your Support

Offer him your shoulder of support. Let him know he is loved and cared for always. Am not saying you shouldn’t focus on yourself but while doing that learn to trust, support, and care for him. Be his guide in achieving his goals and purpose. Be a good listener. Learn to listen to his little complaints and his usual workload. At times having someone listen to your problems with or without providing solutions helps ease that present tension and gives the person the assurance that there is someone out there always ready to listen to him.

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10 Ways To Support A Busy Boyfriend


Understand Why He Is Busy

You need to get your facts right about why your boyfriend is busy. Is he truly busy because he is working and has a lot to handle or is he claiming to be busy because he needs space from you and probably wants to end the relationship? So if your boyfriend is always busy, try to find out from him what exactly he is up to. Be absolutely sure he is truly engrossed in work and other activities and not the other way of being busy. (Pretending)


Speak Up

When I say speak up I do not mean you having issues or attacking him often, Rather I mean you should only speak up when you feel it is the right time and he needs to know how you feel. It shouldn’t be always, it should be when you know you hardly meet him, or you need time alone with him then you need to talk to him about it.


Make Adjustments

You are dating a busy man so at times your appointment might get canceled, you might have to end your date quickly because of a call or work. So when such happens, learn to make adjustments. Fix another date according to his next free time. And don’t get angry at him for that. Make adjustments according to his schedule.


Stay Occupied

Improve yourself. Go out and spend time with friends. Try to keep yourself always busy to enable you not to disturb your boyfriend. If it’s your work or business, focus on it. Take out time to grow and develop yourself.


Do Not Break His Trust


Remember he is working to give the both of you a better future. So while making time for yourself, or going out with friends to keep you busy, try to respect your boyfriend, keep his interest at heart and shun advances from other men that can destroy your relationship, do not double date or decide to pass time with another man just to feel loved or gain attention. You can go out with friends but in doing that let it be moderate.


Don’t Expect Too Much

Do not expect too much from him. Don’t expect him to do things as planned. Sometimes things might not go as well as you both plan, so sometimes while preparing for dates, let it be in your heart that it might not go as planned or something might come up.


Don’t Let Him Struggle Alone

Help him ease work stress at times. Do something fun, and crack jokes even when it’s not funny. Try to act silly just to get him to laugh it all out. Take him out of his comfort zone, let him get something out, and do some fun things like trying a new restaurant or eatery, watching a good and trending movie, changing his wardrobe for a change, and getting a massage done. There are a lot of things you can do to make him happy.


Share Memories Together

Have the best time together. Make the most of the smallest seconds, minutes, and hours worth it. Let him relieve memories of you and look forward to spending more time with you. Plan your outings like it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. Always make him happy and try not to bring your fights into that day, take pictures, do videos, and make collages to make you always remember your times together.


Resolve Your Fight

Learn to manage your conflicts, misunderstandings, and fights. Do not let your fights last till the next day especially since you are in a relationship with a busy man. Find possible ways to avoid conflicts, avoid issues that could provoke you or him, and do not make him feel guilty for not creating time for you or not spending enough time with you if it happens that you have misunderstandings try to resolve it quickly without it getting out of hand.


Be Responsible For Him

Do not order him around, try to show him how much you care in your words and texts. Do not make it lengthy, keep it short and sensible. Always wait for his reply and do not crowd his phone with messages. Let him feel you are with him but do not make him feel suffocated.




While it is often difficult to cope in a relationship where your boyfriend is always busy and not always available and at times. And visiting might not always be an option or a good idea because he might have a tight schedule and not be able to attend to you like he ought to, you would get hurt and he certainly would get hurt too.


It is important to note that your boyfriend might be facing issues, and challenges at work regarding proposal deadlines or meeting up with customer satisfaction. The best thing you can do is support him, and show him care, concern, and love. 


Look out for him, and ask about his health, and eating habits. Like a good friend would encourage, support, and stand by you in times of need, and still be with you even when you have fights often, do the same with your boyfriend. Help him feel less guilty about being busy all the time.


Written By Ilufoye Ibukun 


How To Support A Busy Boyfriend?

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