My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired, What Should I Do?

My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired, What Should I Do?

Many men have to go through a lot of stress, anxiety, and busy schedules every day. They did not choose to live such a lifestyle, however, nothing can be done due to our economic system. Most men have to go far to work probably because of the high pay, or because that was the job available.


 So we know the amount of stress it causes them every day to work far away from home, wake up in the early hours of the morning face a busy day working tirelessly, come back home, and face the road traffic especially if they live at the mainland and work at the island, then coming home late at night after a long day.


 Most times they do not eat a proper meal and they have to repeat the routine every day except they have a day off, or they are on leave and all this is just to make ends meet. So if your boyfriend happens to be one, learn to appreciate him and offer your support.  

There are other instances when your boyfriend tells you he is tired and busy. It could be because he needs some space from you to determine what he really wants in the relationship, or he might be having personal issues which he wants to solve and he feels you might not understand the situation or give positive suggestions. 


Either way try to find out what is really going on, by having to sit down together and discuss, and then you would know what to do 

What Should I Do?


Having talked about the reasons your boyfriend is always tired, let’s look at those things you should do when you find yourself in a relationship with a busy and tired boyfriend.

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Put Yourself In His Position

If you happen to be the one always busy and tired, what would you expect from your boyfriend? would you expect him to be there for you and support you? or do you expect him to end the relationship or nag continually about you not being available or giving me attention?


 I know the woman gender has the ability to multitask, they know how to balance their relationships, work, and family life unlike the male gender but in any case, try to consider the fact.

So before judging or getting upset with him, first find out how you would feel if it was the other way around.

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Talk To Him About It

He is always busy and rarely talks to you these days, he doesn’t take your calls or return them, he doesn’t reply to your messages, and you haven’t seen him for some time now. Well, do not conclude yet, rather talk to him about it.


Fix a date as to when he would be available and express yourself to him, am not asking you to nag or make him feel guilty, rather talk to him about how you feel when you have to stay without listening to his voice, or you get worried when he doesn’t reply to your messages. Make him understand that you support his career but at the same time, you always want to be with him in your doing so do not bring yourself down as someone who doesn’t have what she’s doing or is busy with.

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Talk And Fix Your Dates Together According To His Schedule

Talk about his free time and busy time. Make sure you fix the dates together and he tells you it is alright for him. Fix a time convenient for you and him as well to talk on the phone or chat together, or go out on dates. Another thing is to learn to forgive once he apologizes if he doesn’t turn up according to the plans you made together.


You might be thinking about all you have to go through to date a busy and tired man, if you are one who always wants to enjoy attention, love, care, and concern from your spouse and you feel you won’t be able to put up with his busy and tired lifestyle. It is better you come out clean and tell him you can not be in the relationship rather than leading him on and cheating on him, or gaining attention and accepting advances from other men.


10 Things To Do If My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired


Get Your Facts Right

Be sure he is really tired and busy and not making excuses. Understand why he is always busy and tired, then you need to accept that he really is busy and tired.


Cheer Him Up

Praise him and tell him sweet words to make him feel loved. Words like my love are such as a hardworking man, a great dinner for a great man’. And cheer him up with your words and your smiles too. 


Let your smile be comforting and helpful in his stressful time. Let him take a warm bath. Make him sleep early rather than bore him with your daily activities or nag about how you missed him. Allow him to go to bed on time in order to wake up early the next day.

Take Him Unawares

Give him a surprise. It might not be a big surprise but rather done in a moderate way and shows how much you love him. Such a surprise can be cooking his favorite food and sending it through a courier service to his office, sending him a basket of his favorite fruits, giving him a food tray, and gifting him a wristwatch or T-shirt.


Or helping him with work by completing a particular project he finds difficult to handle or gifting him a tool needed at his workplace, it might even be a candlelight dinner. You can do all this to make him happy.


Work With His Activities

Working with his activities would help you get to spend some time with him. If he is always at the gym class you can enroll in the gym class, or you can choose to work out in the morning. Or join a book club he is engaged in.


Do Not Be All Over Him

As much as you are engaging in his activities and looking out for him, also try not to be all over him, give him space and let him miss you sometimes, do not always have you at his beck and call.


Work More On Yourself

Having a busy and tired boyfriend gives you the time you need to work on yourself. Try new hobbies like attending swimming classes, joining a book club, learning graphic design or website creation. You can also learn new skills to keep yourself busy.


Be Supportive

In everything you do try to show him support. Be with him when he needs you but at the same time be responsible and set your boundaries, let him know you are also busy and have things all lined up for you, so he gives you the respect you deserve.


Make Your Little Time Out Worth

Even if you get to spend just a few minutes or hours together, make sure that time is worth it, and make substantial use of your time together. Do not discuss petty issues, talk about things relating to your future together. Let your time together be among his most cherished and beautiful moments.


Reevaluate The Relationship

If things are not going as planned even after you did everything you possibly can, and nothing you try is working out, the relationship is still on standby like it always was. Then you need to reevaluate the relationship and reassess your opinion of the relationship if it’s going to work out or not.


If you can put up with everything, think earnestly if he is really busy and tired or making excuses just to have some space and stay away from you. Or if he is getting his happiness elsewhere. While reassessing your opinion do not do it grudgingly or because you are upset with him, think practically with a clear mind.


Make Your Decision

After having thought about it properly, make your decision and learn to be responsible by sticking to it. Come out clean to him and do not spice your words just to make him happy. Tell him what you thought about your relationship together and if you can continue with the relationship or not.



Having a busy and tired boyfriend keeps you uncertain and worried, at times you feel he is head over heels for you and loves you so much, and when he gets all busy and tired you feel you do not know him and he is a complete stranger. All you have to do is look out for signs that he really loves you.

A man who loves you would be there to comfort you at your lowest time, we all pass through bad days, a man who loves you would be there to encourage you and say comforting words like ‘ it’s alright dear ‘ such words from someone you love can be comforting.


Written By Ilufoye Ibukun 

My Boyfriend Is Always Busy And Tired, What Should I Do?

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