How Long Does Heartbreak Last?

Heartbreak is an intense emotional pain one experiences after the loss of something or someone dear. If you ask some people how long it took them to get over a heartbreak, some would say, It took me three months to feel more positive about their breakup. Another person would say, It took me six months […]

What Does Heartbreak Feel Like?

What Does It Feel Like?  Heartbreak is like a deep wound that keeps bleeding like it never wants to stop. The pain that accompanies heartbreak is better imagined than experienced. You may lose your appetite, avoid social gatherings, lose the zeal to work, etc. It’s not something anyone should go through but at the end […]

How Can You Tell A Woman Is Heartbroken?

How Can You Tell? You can tell a woman is heartbroken when she starts to isolate herself or get sad over little things. Heartbreak is an emotional feeling that comes from disappointment of having lost something or someone close to or deeply attached to you, It might not necessarily be your fault that such friendship […]

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