How Can You Tell A Woman Is Heartbroken?

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How Can You Tell?

You can tell a woman is heartbroken when she starts to isolate herself or get sad over little things. Heartbreak is an emotional feeling that comes from disappointment of having lost something or someone close to or deeply attached to you, It might not necessarily be your fault that such friendship or relationship failed or got disconnected but still it is naturally to feel heartbroken when one loses something or someone dear even though it’s a pet, a love one, one’s partner. 


There are various ways to know a woman is heartbroken and it’s basically depending on individual feelings or emotions, at first it feels like you are in pain, next you feel like you have lost it all  and it is your fault you didn’t sustain or keep the relationship, they weren’t given enough time to express themselves or say their goodbyes, some people even feel there is something they should have said or done to keep the relationship. 


Some other women blame it on their ex’s and feel they should have been the one to call it off due to one reason or another. But in all, it takes only you to braze up yourself and overcome that feeling, and if you don’t overcome the feeling you would see yourself drowning in it.

You should be able to pick up the broken pieces, take it off your mind, find your way around it and take your time in getting to a new relationship.


What Does Heartbreak Feel Like For A Woman:


Some women express their feelings and emotions when heartbroken and it’s easy for close relatives and friends to understand what has happened, such a woman becomes physically stressed and ill suddenly, they become emotionally drained. They are not as active as they once were and they constantly talk about their failed relationship and find it hard to do things properly.


Some women don’t express their feelings or whatever is going on in their relationship life, they prefer to keep it private but within them they feel hurt and broken, they appear okay physically but inwardly they can’t get over the feeling of their loss. 


Others get over heartbreak quickly, showing it outwardly or keeping it inwardly they just get used to it, at times because the relationship was just a means to pass out time or because they never enjoyed the relationship and separation was the only option.


In all cases it is advisable that the woman’s relatives or friend keep an eye on them constantly or perhaps stay with them, or better still they visit a relationship coach or counselor to aid them in getting through that particular phase.


10 Sign Of An Heartbroken Woman


Here are some few things you would notice in an heartbroken woman, though these signs might not apply for some women, it is the common signs seen in heartbroken women, The following are the signs of an heartbroken woman:


She would lose interest easily


Be it work, school or anything, a heartbroken woman would easily lose in anything, little things that made her smile or laugh can actually get her pissed off, she might lose concentration at work and not perform diligently, her moods are all over the place.


She would avoid social places


An Heartbroken Woman would definitely avoid social places, especially places she had gone to with her EX for example if they attended the same church were they were addressed as couples, an heartbroken woman would stop attending the church, she might also not want to go out because she is emotionally drained, she might get to see couples bonding together and it would remind her of her past relationship.


An heartbroken woman constantly thinks about the past


She finds it hard to get over her past and get into another relationship, even when she gets into a new relationship she can’t get over the past one, she is likely to act upon what happened in her past relationship and the experience she has gotten, she might view the new partner to be the same with her ex, even though it’s not true because her experience in the past relationship keeps standing on the way, getting over her past and moving on might take a long time.


She might not eat properly

An heartbroken woman might lose her appetite, suddenly eating becomes a burden for her but some women eat as many food they can lay hands on to get over the pain, while others don’t have the appetite to eat a proper meal anymore, they don’t eat at the appropriate time or for days except being forced to.


She questions herself


A heartbroken woman is likely to start questioning herself, finding fault in herself and thinking that she was never good for her EX, she might also key into self-blame and feel she was never good enough, she might even desire to be alone at all times.


She might lose her usual zeal to do things


A woman who is usually motivated to do things or take on new and difficult tasks and it comes out positively might not have the zeal or lose interest in taking up tasks or do something different, she would feel she didn’t succeed with her relationship so why would she succeed in doing other things.


She withdraws herself from friends and family


She might withdraw herself from friends and family because she feels she would be asked about her failed relationship, she feels she would be questioned about her shortcomings, she speaks and does little, when a discussion is brought up she tries her best to not talk much because she is lost in her own world, she feels left out in parties or family functions.


An heartbroken woman is likely to block her EX from all social platforms


Just so she won’t come across anything related to him. If they are both in the same group, she might leave the group and unfollow the page just for her peace of mind. While other heartbroken women would try as much as possible to keep up with their EX’s social life just so they can tell if they have really moved on or might be willing to take her back.


Some other women would prefer to leave the city and take a break


Leaving the town, city might sometimes be an option for some women ,that way they would be out of people’s faces or places that reminded them of their EX visiting a new place has its own excitement attached to it and that excitement might just be what they need to get over their emotional pain.


An heartbroken woman might not practice good hygiene


She would not take adequate care of herself like before, like observing the usual bath time, getting her usual bath soap, usual face cream, hair cream, body cream. She won’t feel the urge to dress nicely while going out or put on the right clothes or look good by getting the latest hairstyle.




No one wish to fall into heartbreak, but if ever if happens to you or someone close to you the best thing to do is seek advice from a relationship coach or avoid it from the early stage there is no point dwelling on things you know won’t last you throw them away, the same applies to relationship issues you should disconnect from such relationship that would eventually cause you pain. Try to end it before it gets to the stage where it becomes so painful or unbearable for you to move on, it is better to leave a toxic relationship and bear the heartbreak than allow it to hurt you further, remember a failed relationship is better than a broken marriage.


It is also better to settle conflict amicably in order for it not to result in heartbreak, apologize when it’s necessary and speak up when you feel offended about something, at times your partner might not know if he has offended you or not so it is better to speak up.


-Ibukun Ilufoye

How Can You Tell A Woman Is Heartbroken?

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