Trusting God

Trust in God

Many people hear things like,
Trust in God, Trust in God, Trust God
But the BIG Question is
“How exactly can I trust God?”
It is one thing tell a person to do a thing, it is another thing for the person to be able to “Know how to do that thing”.
This Episode teaches you “HOW to TRUST in GOD” practically.

In our previous episode, “Are these life pressings worth it“?
We spoke about learning more about trust and this is what we would be focusing on in this episode

Some of the Evidence and Fruit of Trusting in God are;

1) Gratitude
2) Patience
3) Progressive Actions
4) Peace
5) Joy
6) Preparation
7) Affirmation/Speaking in line with what you know that he has already done.

1) Gratitude –

To be Grateful is to think in a positive light of all that you have received in comparison with where you are coming from.
Grateful is birthed through reflection of where you could have been and where you have been versus where you currently are.
Comparison with another person is usually the killer of Gratitude and there is a reason why it is called “foolish” because only God and the person truly knows how they got there.
Sometimes people are generous enough to share, but you can never get the full perspective unless you are seeing from God’s View.
So Cultivate Gratitude.

Think of where you are or even could have been to where you currently are and where you are headed.
Search God’s Word to give you Proof of His promise to you and his Goodness in your life.
Bask in His Kindness of Loving you despite your Imperfections and continue to surrender your Life daily in Gratitude to HIM.

2) Patience

Many times we jump on stories in the Bible like Joseph, David and how long they waited.
The sad part is that most never really fully comprehend the details of what waiting must have looked like to these Men and what they should be doing to be like these Men.
These Men are just sweet to talk about, but it is an entirely different case “waiting like them”.
Just like the Principle of seed time and Harvest that God himself created, waiting is inevitable to winning. (Highlight)

You cannot WIN without your own turn of waiting, this is because there must be a private work that God must do in you for the Public Intervention that your Life mist deliver.
It doesn’t matter what you are waiting for.
But in your specific list.
And for some of you reading this, God has given you a witness to hold on, on that thing, but no, you are all over the place jumping around.
There is a posture to waiting and we have addressed this in previous episodes.
What I want to focus on here is that, Waiting on God actively, is a proof that you trust him, even when the World thinks it is impossible.

3) Progressive Actions

Someone may argue, “You have your trust in God; I have my good deeds.” Well, show me your trust in God without good deeds, and I will show you my trust in God by my good deeds!

James 2:18 FBV

This is a continuity from point number 2.
Except God tells you explicitly to do absolutely nothing, there is always progressive actions and steps that can be taken that proves that you trust in God.
Say for instance you are expecting to get hired by a Foreign Company and you get to work from Home.

What progressive step can you take?

You can Open a Dollar/Pounds or whatever currency account for instance.
If you are trusting God to get admission into school, your posture is to prepare, read, study, enquire etc.
There a progressive steps and postures that can be taken in different aspect of your life to prove that you are trusting God.
The Question is, do you really trust God?
Because if you truly do, you will take those postures.
Even if it seems like it “doesn’t work out” in the way you expected, there are rewards that God has for people who prove that they trust him by their actions.

4) Peace.

Peace is banking on God after you know that you have done your own part and not blinking an eye in fear of what may or may not happen.
You can never have peace, if you are trying to do only what God can, should and will.
Also your lack of peace is a proof that you don’t trust God to keep his part of his own bargain as you have your own part.
It could even be because you haven’t kept your own part.
Take for instance the money you keep in your bank.
After you do your part of paying the money in, keeping your pin safe and everything that concerns you, do you now wake up everyday having heart palpitations because you have N100k or N100million in the bank?
You don’t!
You Bank on “Your Bank” because you know that whatever happens, you can never lose, even if Robbers attack the bank, no stories can be told to you for their name and reputation sake.
Why don’t you also “BANK on GOD”?
Why are you so Confident of your GTB, Zenith or even PiggyVest and you cannot even put as little as that same trust on God?
This is a serious question to ask yourself and start reconsidering your ways.
Ask for forgiveness in the way you have put your trust in Men more than God and change those ways to Experience God’s Peace Fully.

5) Joy.

Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit not a result of the happenings in your environment.
It’s an Internal Stirring and Evidence that you have God’s Spirit not an External activity to prove that you are “Joyful”.
It’s where this generation has lost it.
They try to do everything externally to stay joyful.
Go to the Spa, Go Out, Jump, See a Movie, Watch Comedies, etc.
Those things are “External Therapies” that can make you enjoy daily life experiences, absolutely nothing wrong with them.
But, JOY must come from you to your environment, not from your environment to you.
You know why?
Because God’s Spirit resides on the Inside of YOU!

6) Preparation

Preparation could be thought to be progressive action, but they are slightly different even though they could be the same thing in some instances.
The Preparation in your journey of trusting God is more about “Your Mindset” beyond physical actions.
Preparation examples could be;
Reading several books, taking courses, being under a Mentorship System, Volunteering a space ahead of your future, organizing your schedule to allow for the opportunity you are expecting in your life.
It is a very very Mental Activity which draws from Spiritual promises.

7) Affirmation/Speaking in Line with what you are expecting.

Even though this is expected to be a “no brainer” many people still unfortunately fall victims of this.
They say they want Financial expansion yet, they are always talking and elevating the lack and problems rather than opportunities.
They say they are trusting God to get married, but they keep saying Men are Scarce.
It is impossible to claim that you trust God when your speakings are always ANTI-Scriptural!
Even Atheist know this!
The power of words and they utilize it, how much more we believers????

God is more committed to you than you are more committed to yourself.

You have learnt how to trust him, now go on to Become, Be an Example and Share this Post!!!

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Trusting God

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