10 Ways to Build Quality Friendships

quality frienships

In todays post, we will talk about ways to build quality friendships. Quality friendships are important in life. We need to build quality friendships as no man is an island and can survive the world without trusted people at his sides that raise him up when he falls or people to support his dreams and ambitions.

Who is a friend? 

A friend is a well known person with whom you have a close relationship with. They share the same values and beliefs. Friendship doesn’t just spring out, it always start out first as acquaintances with the other person. 

A lot of times, as humans with a busy lifestyle, we are always looking for ways to keep up with our friends. Hence, the big question. How do you build a long lasting relationship with your friends: 

Here are a few tips to help you build quality relationship with your friends:

1.Prioritize your friends:

In order to build quality relationship with your friends, you need to make them a priority. You need to make out time for them even if you have a tight schedule, a hello during your lunch break at work won’t hurt. Make time to keep in touch, respect and support your friends.


You can’t have quality friendships without communication. This is the bedrock of any relationship, you need to be in communication with your friends. The longer you stay away from your friends without proper communication, the friendship gradually hits a rock. You don’t have to talk to your friends everyday but you need to communicate occasionally, it could be once in a week. 

3. Be real:

Nobody wants to have fake friends. Be real, be you. If you notice a bad behavior amongst your friends, you call their attention to it. You don’t have to gossip about your friends at their back. You are their friends, always be genuine in relating with your friends. This is Important for quality friendships.

4. Openness helps to create trust in building quality friendships. whn we are ope, we get hte best version of our friends because they will be open to us as we to them.

5. Confidentiality:

Know how to keep secrets. Your friends secrets should be secrets. You shouldn’t make their secrets a topic for discussion with other people. Secondly, never betray your friends trust by discussing their matters with another person. Betrayals kills quality friendships.

6. Support:

Learn to always support your friends. Although, you may not have the whole money in the world. But you can support your friends by showing up for them. If they have businesses you could refer people to them and when they are have an event show up to celebrate them. Celebrate their wins and be genuinely happy for them. Quality friendships involves supporting one another.

Did you learn something new, which of these tips would you be trying out.  Comment below. 

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10 Ways to Build Quality Friendships

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